Custom knife with a elaborate work of Japanese flag art from Carsten W, Germany

custom knife

We gratefully inform you about our customer’s work.This Custom gyuto knife is very interesting and looks like a work of art.

Here are the customer pics and messages.
" The knife shown here was created with one of your blades.
The handle consists of two parts bog oak and one part maple.
Since I lean it a little on its origin I have not only adopted the conical handle shape but have also poured a ‘sun’ in the area of the light maple with coloured epoxy.
I have tried to orientate myself on the length and width ratios of the Japanese flag. Because the handle was subsequently given a bevel from start to finish and was also chamfered, the ratios have only

been maintained in the length direction of the handle.
I hope that it can still be recognised.
The end plates are made of polished stainless steel(1.4301). "

It was made by Carsten W, Germany  
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ibuki Bunka hammered VG-10 blank blade Kiritsuke Gyuto 185mm


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