How to fix curve of Japanese kitchen knives

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How to fix curve of Japanese kitchen knives

honyaki,kasumi steel

Nowadays Honyaki kitchen knives(made of one sheet steel)  are rare, but most Japanese kitchen knives are made of combining hard and soft iron steel. Combining sort iron steel to the base blade provides flexibility and easy to sharpen, as a disadvantage, the blade curve slightly after many years of use as it pulls from both sides of steel. To sheathe a kitchen knife in wooden saya prevents from curving. Japanese sword generally slightly curving from blade end to blade top.  Although there are few kitchen knives which is uncurved, you can fix the curve by yourself to a certain degree. Please try it.

carved blade
The blade top is slightly curved

First, put on your gloves and cover the blade with plastic bag or carton box, etc., not to cut yourself.

remove blade
Second, making sure the curving part, then put the blade on the table which is even and gradually pressed.

Most curve will be fixed with this way.

Please make sure to press it carefully and gradually, since a thin or long curved knife such as sashimi knife may curve too much or break if undue pressure is placed on it.

*Also you can use with a soft hammer.
*We recommend having it repaired in a knife specialty store, when you can’t fix the curve with this way.


Additional note: In case of the middle of the blade is curved in an arc.It is effective to fix both sides of the blade with a same length of wood, then pressed gradually.

carved knife center


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