Kaneko Sougyo High class chef knife Wa handles made by Meticulous work unique to Japanese women workers.

Wa handle

Kaneko Sougyo is one of the high class Japanese chef knives wa handle maker.High durability and Elaborate wa handles are made by Meticulous work unique to Japanese women workers.

Kaneko Sougyo company was founded in 1957 in Tsubame-Sanjo-Japan, one of a town of blacksmiths. They mainly make farm and woodworking hand tools.
In recent years, as craftsmen age and demand has entered a period of decline The number of wooden workers for Japanese knives has also decreased. And Development began when a local blacksmith asked us to manufacture a handle.
Mass production of wa handles is extremely difficult. After several years of prototype development, Kaneko Sougyo is now engaged in manufacturing together with a new factory.

The shaping of hard natural wood inevitably results in variations.
The final shaping is done by a craftsman for each piece. At last, they have succeeded in achieving a unique luster in their wood finishes.
Please give the Elaborate and highly durable a try with your chef knife blank.

*Note: Our selling wa handles are original-made, handle-shape,size, material, surface finish from us with Kaneko sougyo. We offer a wide variety of sizes and materials in high-mix, low-volume production.

 Bombay black wood with a marble laminated resin bolster wa handle

 Japanese burned chestnut wood with a ebony wood bolster wa handle

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