Custom forged blue 2 steel chef knives with double rings special handle from Daniel C, United State.

custom knife

It’s always exciting to report one of our customer’s knife making work!
It seems like luxury goods, so it enhances powerful hand forged blades.  
Here are the customer pics and messages.
"I cannot tell you how happy I was to receive your Kisuke Manaka blades. It took me a long time to make but I hope you will like them. The handles make them a matched set but each still unique (like brothers). I used only my best materials. The wood is Gaboon Ebony that I have been saving for something very special. The kakumaki is made from water buffalo horn. The spacers are 1/8” nickel silver around abalone and amethyst Inlace Acylester. The box is made custom from dovetailed redwood and lined with foam and black velvet. Sorry for so many pictures. Thank you so much, "

It was made by  Daniel. C  from the United States

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