New arrival of Sakimaru takobiki Sashimi slicer knife Blue #1 steel blank blade

New item

New arrival of ibuki tanzo blank blade forged blue #1 steel Sakimaru Takobiki sashimi knives

Sakimaru takobiki sashimi slicer knife
These are limited to stock on hand.
Blade length 

The knife is double edged blade version of the single edged Sakimaru Takobiki- Sashimi knife famously used for preparing sushi, sliced a fish, also serves as regular Sujihiki knives. 

We set creating a thickness near the handle and hamoto part of blade end, the center of gravity lies near the user’s hand. This gives the knife a good balance, and it is devised in a way that it is a joy to hold. However, This takobiki knife is very thin blade. so made a little thickness of the blade top, because to prevent blade damage and to get nice final cutting.

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