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We focus to make and keep traditionally hand tools with partner black smiths.
ibuki blade blanks is an online store that carries superior quality Japanese blade blanks.These knives are made by our partner Japanese black smith in Echizen, Miki, Kumamoto, Tosa, Saitama, Kyoto and Seki city, proudly made in Japan, and made of high class Japanese steel. A variety of material of Aogami super,Blue #2 steel, White #2 steel, VG-10, silver 3 steel, HAP40 Powdered High Speed Steel, ZA-18 steel and AUS-8.

We established online store that carries superior quality Japanese handcrafts, mainly Japanese kitchen knives and tea ceremony products, for throughout the world in 2011. The number of shipments have been over 30,000, exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. We carefully select products that you can use everyday – items whose changes that occur over the years through daily use that you can look forward to. Please feel free to contact us for products that you cannot find or for any questions that you may have.

We specially take good care of packing for your items. All products are carefully wrapped and ship out by our staff so that our past record for damages is below 0.05%. Moreover all packages sent worldwide are covered by insurance (DHL express, Japan Post) for incidents during delivery such as loss, theft and damage.

Why customers are satisfied with Japanese knife blade?
Japanese black smith

-Having the world’s best of expertise and skills which handed down hundreds of years.

-Using the high quality of steel materials for different purposes in accordance to the use.

As Japanese food has become popular worldwide, Japanese kitchen knives also gained popularity. Although Shun and GLOBAL, Japanese popular blade manufacturer, that has modern facilities, there are some blacksmiths who continue producing with traditional techniques of Japanese swords in Japan. They produce knives in accordance to each customers needs, such as chefs, woodworkers, operators of forestry and hunters. In addition steel manufacturers still develop superior quality materials for edge tools. Steel manufacturers, blacksmiths and polisher(Togi-shi), their continuously combination and pursuing to create excellent knives are still alive.

examples of steel: Blue steel,white steel,silver 3 steel from Hitachi metals / Aus steel from Aichi steel / VG-10 from Takefu special steel / 1k from Daido steel.

What is ibuki blade blanks?
Thanks for our partnership with blacksmith, we developed blade by hand one by one. The more hardening, tempering and forging done, the more excellent blade produced. This process prevents the blade from nicking and gives excellent sharpness, toughness and high durability comparing non-forged forging blades.

We offer it to manufacturers and those who enjoyed DIY with reasonable price.
By developing products with blacksmiths and sell by ourselves, we happily offer it with good value. (not taking part with intermediate retailers)

*All blade are heat-treated and sharp edging.
*A series of Daisuke,Takao,Kosuke,Kisuke and Shokei are produced by Koshikitanzo, the ancient Japanese way of smith forging in a similar way to producing Japanese sword.
*HAP40 non edge blades are not sharp edging.
*Only a series of AUS-8 full tang, Hap40 non edged are made by machine forged.

attached blade


Thanks for visiting ibuki blade blanks, *息吹刃物. I'm the owner, Tomoki Miyashita. After having served a company for ten years, I started a business. To ship unique,high quality products with craftman's soul to world wide is my work. I was born and raised in Osaka, but moved in Shiga of a little country side. I like travelling,driving,fishing,camping,wood working and knife making. Please feel free to ask anything.