How to attach a tang to a ready-made wa handle for biginners

How to make

attach a tang to a ready-made wa handle

When a ready-made wa handle can’t be fitted for a tang or it is needed to adjusting the size, please take a look below for your reference.

How to attach a tang to a ready-made wa handle
How to expand a hole of a handle

We recommend a small-sized diamond file that has better cutting force than sandpaper to expand a hole quickly and carefully.

*In our experiences, a square type file would be better than a circle one for cutting and forming.
diamond file

How to fill the gaps of  a handle
Please use an epoxy resin or a bond that has high durability, do not use a wood glue as it’ll be melted into water.
If there is still a gap, kindly insert a thin wooden board or spread resin mixed with wood flour.
To fill the gaps closely prevents water entering and provides high durability.

*Sample: ThreeBond epoxy resin

Please note with care: There are a risk that natural wood might be broken by hitting handle to insert a tang. *recommend use a wooden hammer or resin hammer
 hitting wa handle

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