What does it say on the carved seal blade?

The Japanese character mark of backside blade means blade material. 
As we can't tell the difference non mark, we attached it making process.    
ibuki white 2 steel, AUS-8,ZA-18, HAP40 non edged models: non mark
ibuki blue 2 steel model: 青鋼 
ibuki Aogami super model: 青紙スーパー
ibuki silver 3 steel model: 銀紙3号
ibuki vg-10 model: V金ゴールド
Daisuke model: 大祐, black smith name
Muneishi model: 宗石, black smith name
Shokei Funaki model: 祥啓, black smith name
Kurotori model: 黒鳥, black smith name
limited model:息吹, our bland name is ibuki
another words: 鍛造, forged by hand work