Custom hunting knives with unique shape handles, leather sheath from Harry C, Canada.

custom knife

Many thanks for one of our customer, we introduce you some news. It seems that unique shape, fine grip and wood grain is very beautiful.

Here are the customer pics and messages.
" I have made the following knives with blades bought from you.
The first one is made with orange and purple stabilized poplar burl and yellow G10 spacers. The second one is made with macassar ebony. "

It was made by Harry C. from Canada.

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New custom knives May, 2024
Here are the pics and messages of his next knife.

" I have made another knife using one of the blades you sold me. Since the signature of the smith is on the tang. I decided to use a piece of olive wood with a natural knot. I hollowed out the knot, filled it with clear epoxy. Once the epoxy is cured, I drilled the tang hole and inserted the blade with more epoxy. After shaping the handle to the desired shape, I polished it using a buffing wheel with some buffing compound. "

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