Please check on that can't ship to International shipping by Japan post. Update date April 15, 2020 

In this current situation due to the coronavirus, We can't ship to International shipping by Japan post. We have no idea when We can ship the item out.
Of course, you can cancel it so please let me know.
Also, if you can wait until I can ship, please give us some time.

Update date April 15
Available ship to Canada, Thailand by EMS Japan post
Considerable delivery delays expected for outbound mail items from Japan post
Destined to Canada, Thailand and all countries.

Note: We can ship by DHL Express, available now.

Shipping cost: $49.00
over $300 Discount : $39.00 DHL Express

-- Costumer waiting of Shipped off Japan post the end of March and early April -- 

 I am sorry to have kept you waiting.
Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, the transportation has still been paralyzed.It is unknown when it is operational. It may take considerable days to be delivered. I am sorry but your understanding will be appreciated. 


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