Cool Mirror Polish blades with custom wa handle knives Customer Picture from Glen. S, Australia

We are pleased to announce you that the custom knife finish are a fine piece of work and made of unique materials. It seems a very cool finish that is hard to think of as made of only using hand tools and made by amateur knife builder.

Here is the customer message and pictures.
custom wa handle

custom petty knife
"I am a total amateur in building knives, only use hand tools, but I really had a lot of fun with theses two.The Petty was made as a present to my 12 year old son, who helps out in the kitchen. Made this using native Australian woods, Jarrah Burl for the main handle, with Ancient Red Gum ( 3000 years old ) for the bolster. Through in an Aluminium spacer for appearance. It is a beautiful knife to use, very light and extremely sharp."

custom nakiri knife
"The Nakiri was a bit more work, using a 1’ x 30’ grinder to profile the blade to a high convex grind and mirror polished. The handle wood was Sheoak and I used the Ancient red gum as a bolster. This one is for general home use and it is extremely sharp. Looking forward top seeing how HAP40 works as a general kitchen knife. Thanks again for the lovely blanks, I look forward to my next project."

ordered items
It was made by Glen. S from Australia.

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