Recommend the paraffin oil for rust proof to use a carbon knife for outdoor use.

How to make

As the paraffin oil has a good reputation among woodworkers, angler and hunters in Japan, I tried to use the paraffin oil. Although the knife made of carbon is a good cutting quality and easily re-sharpen, we must be careful not to be rusty for outdoor use.

I keep a home garden of natural farming ,so I have to cut weeds every week. I use small knives and a hatchet long blade knife. And these knives were rust in don't realize.

I tried to use the paraffin oil on these blades.
*These blades were finished with rough polish.
I could get  the effects of the rust proof right away. Unwashed knives about a week after use in my garden have not rust.
The Pure camellia oil is good for rust proof too, but it will be oxidized in outdoor use.
So we recommend using the paraffin oil for rust proof. I think that you can get some 100% paraffin oils which are odorless, colorless and harmless to the human body in your country.
If you mainly use carbon knives in the environment such as outdoors, on the sea, please try it.

the paraffin oil for rust proof

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